Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

All the knowledge and creative or technical outputs of your business make you stand out and give you a competitive edge. But how do you maintain that position?


Every day, inventions are made, new products are thought up and designs are created. Certainly in the Brainport region, where technology and design go hand in hand, developments follow each other in rapid succession and ideas, products and techniques emerge that change the world every time. All of this is driven by business, knowledge institutions and government.

We are happy to help innovative entrepreneurs commercialise and protect their intellectual capital. We can help you with:

  • protecting inventions, designs, drawings, models, databases, trademarks, trade names and copyright works
  • reviewing and drafting non-disclosure agreements
  • drafting of licence contracts
  • R&D contracts
  • IP clauses in employment contracts
  • discussions on portrait rights
  • unlawful competition
  • combating IPR infringements